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Bendigo, Vic campaign meeting report

RUAP campaign meeting went off very well in Bendigo, with around 70 people attending the meeting at 11am on the 27th of March. There was great interest and excitement amongst those present. Daniel Nalliah – President & Lead Senate Candidate for Vic., Rosalie Crestani  – No 2 Senate Candidate for Vic and Lord Christopher Monckton…

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Two more newspaper articles about RUAP

You may click the following links to read two more newspaper articles about RUAP.

Media Release: RUAP takes Vic Campaign to Bendigo / “We are the hope for Oz” says Daniel Nalliah – National President

General Immediate Media Release 26th March 2013 At 11am this Wednesday 27th March at The Banquet Room, The Capital Theatre at 50 View St. in Bendigo, Lord Monckton will be speaking on Global Warming / No Carbon Tax and Agenda 21 of the United Nations & RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will be speaking on…

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Melbourne Western Suburbs, Toowoomba & Brisbane Campaigns

The RUAP campaign meeting in the Westerns Suburbs of Melbourne on Friday 22nd March was a great success. It was so encouraging to see around 60-70 people turn up for the meeting at 10.30 in the morning on a working day. We were so pleased to see the encouraging response and support from many people.…

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Why is everyone running down poor Julia?

Why is everyone running down poor Julia? Like the Islamic Council of Victoria, she has a big place in our hearts. If it wasn’t for the muslims taking us to court, and Julia’s bad management of the country, we wouldn’t be getting so much publicity. Please Labor government, ………………… something! If you don’t, there will…

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The Age full page article on RUAP

You may click on both photos to see The Age hard copy full page presentation of RUAP, including front page coverage, personal interview and photo of National President Daniel Nalliah. You may also click the following link to read the article for those who haven’t read it yet.

Media Release: RUAP takes campaign with public demonstration into PM Julia Gillard’s electorate today Friday 22 March

General Immediate Media Release 22nd March 2013 (09:00hrs) Rise Up Australia Party takes campaign into PM Julia Gillard’s electorate today Friday 22nd March At 10:30am today Friday 22nd March at Wyndham Park Community Centre at 55-57 Kookaburra Ave in Werribee, only 4 km from PM Julia Gillard’s electorate office, RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah &…

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Indonesian University Student Leaders embrace RUAP / Great excitement at QLD campaign kick off

Dear fellow Australians, 1) Last Saturday morning RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah was invited to speak to Indonesian University Student Leaders at a Conference in Melbourne. He spoke at 3 sessions, educating them about RUAP, politics and the importance of Keeping Australia Australian.

UK Lawyer Andrea Williams warns Australia about Multicuturalism & Islam – Warning very graphic footage of horrific persecution

Dear fellow Australians, On Sat night, Sun morning & evening, our Guest Speaker was Andrea Williams from the UK. This amazing woman is a Barrister who stands and fights for the rights of Christians in the UK and other nations.  She had just finished speaking for the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen before coming…

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Darwin RUAP campaign meetings turn into Reconciliation with Indigenous Australians / Melbourne Western Suburbs campaign meeting with Lord Monckton on 22nd March

Dear fellow Australians, 1) Last weekend in Darwin, RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah, along with a team, spoke at RUAP campaign meetings, which were very well attended. Click the following links to listen to a local radio station interview and to read one of the newspaper articles in NT. The real highlight of…

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