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‘Options’ Help Mothers Choose and ‘Care’ Lightens the Burden

Give people what they need: food,  … clean air, …  pleasant homes to live in, … work ….Don’t ask who deserves it. Every human being deserves it.”― Howard Zinn: Professor at the University of Paris,  social activist, Author.


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Do you love this country the way it is?




Sharia Law belongs within the Islamic
Culture which is all Culture Religion and Law – They do not separate one from the other!

No wearing of western clothing.
Women must wear the hijab.
No drinking of alcohol.
No socialising between single/ unmarried men and women in public.
A Woman’s testimony will be deemed only half the worth of a man at the most.
Female genital mutilation is practiced.
The death penalty will be introduced.
Public stoning to death as a punishment for breaking of laws such as unfaithfulness in marriage.
Public lashings for menial offences.
And so much more!
In short:
No equal rights.
No freedom of thought or religion.
Western culture forbidden.
United Nations Human Rights Laws will not be observed.

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The Wuhan lab has the largest virus bank in Asia!

Below is the Wuhan lab which is at the heart of the US-China virus spat. The following information has been sourced from various news outlets, to update as many as possible on the other side of the story. We have been bombarded on most media channels with the mainstream version of events of what the WHO and the UN want us to hear. But there are other sources which paint a vastly different picture, and quite frankly their research makes more sense. They are well informed and make for highly informative reading.


The One World Agenda

The real agenda of control over us, the people, not just in this country but the entire world, is coming, in fact, in essence, it is here. Below are 2 video links: one from CNN, where a U.S. ex N.S.A. man is interviewed, and another with a Doctor who gives us insight into the plans of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The plans to control us through administering so called health necessities and benefits. The men on these videos are just some of the many people that are now crying out the warnings.


Two great days to remember and Never Forget

This week, on April 21st– we had a solemn Hebrew day of remembrance Yom HaShoah in Australia (Holocaust Remembrance Day).

The Israeli flag was lowered to half-staff, and prayers recited.  Six Holocaust survivors lit the six torches that symbolize the Six Million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust under Hitler’s Final Solution.

Right:   Auschwitz – The largest Nazi concentration …  camp in Europe during World War II  Shows Multiple train tracks leading in.  More than 1,100,000 men, women, and Children lost  gtheir lives here. 




Click Here to view the list of Islamic Terror Attacks.


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